Training – Monday, March 12th 2012


270 X 3 X 2

275 X 3 X 3

225 X 2

Bench Press

195 X 5 X 3

Power Clean

135 X 3 X 4

Today was, in a word, awful. I was meaning to drop the Squat and then work up in ascending sets but at 270 I was getting a consistent right-hand side tilt to the bar. This has been happening off and on for a while and first manifested itself by a sore left elbow (right side tilting jacks up the left side). I thought I had kicked this issue in the face by consciously keeping my right hand from pushing down on the bar. I’m starting to think this might be a product of a tight shoulder or more specifically poor external rotation in my right elbow. Ever since I started low-bar squatting I’ve been made aware of how tight my shoulders are. This is something I’ll have to stay on top of. In the meantime I’m going to attack both shoulders with as many relevant mobilitywod mobs as possible and see if that makes a difference.

Benching was pretty easy. There was a little instability in the bar path. This will most likely be remedied by getting really tight. I should be able to break 200 within the month.

Power Clean sucked butt. From watching my videos it appears my left elbow lags behind my right when I jam them into the rack. Might also be due to tight shoulders. I worked on my pulling with these sets, specifically lumbar extension, focusing on squeezing my chest up and getting my back uncomfortably tight. Seemed to work pretty well.

Have I mentioned how much it sucks to lift in a gym that only has one rack?

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