Training – Wednesday, March 14th 2012


Barbell shoulder smash

Lacrosse ball to Pec Minor

External Rotation band work


180 X 5 X 7 (or 8, actually I really have no idea how many sets I did)


150 X 3
150 X 4 X 2

Well I mobed and Squatted but I have nothing to show for it. My theory was that messed up internal/external rotation was causing me to tilt to the right on the descent and at the bottom. However, I saw the same damn thing when I went to squat today. Then I spent a good 45 minutes playing around with bar placement to little avail. The best position I found was when I took a really wide grip on the bar, however that made the bar a lot less stable on my back. This has convinced me I need a second opinion. I’ve contacted Tom Campitelli who trains out of CrossFit Oakland and regularly does Starting Strength seminars. Hopefully he can fit me in soon and get this shit fixed.

I’ve never really done Squats the way I did today. I did a ton of sets with very little rest in between (because I wanted to test a lot of different positions). I was drenched in sweat though it wasn’t really challenging strength wise. This is basically CrossFit, right?

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