Training – Friday, March 16th 2012

Front Squat

185 X 2 (worked up to this)

Bench Press

200 X 5 X 3


330 X 5

Front Squatted for the first time today. I’ve scheduled a consultation with Tom Campitelli out of CrossFit Oakland to look at my Squat so until I do that I figured I’d Front Squat. While holding the bar in the rack position I was surprised to see how less flexible my left shoulder was compared to my right. My elbows were not even close to being even. This leads me to believe that the overarching issue in my Back Squat is due to my disparity in shoulder flexibility. I did some rack mobs with a band in between sets but this didn’t seem to help. I’m going to try tacking and stretching my distal triceps and also really attacking my anterior shoulders with a lacrosse ball and continuously testing and retesting my rack. It would be fantastic if fixing my Front Squat rack would also fix my asymmetry in Back Squat.

So far I’ve been able to increase my deadlift while pulling with a hook grip. This is fantastic because now I fucking detest mixed grip. Throws off my start position.

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