Training – Monday, March 19th 2012


Tack and stretch distal triceps

Foam rolled thoracic and lats

Pre-Squat hip sequence

Rack band work

Front Squat

185 X 3 X 2


150 X 5 X 2

150 X 4

150 X 3

After attacking my distal triceps with a lacrosse ball this weekend and also doing so with a barbell before front squatting today my rack position looks a lot better. It’s not yet perfect and there’s still some missing shoulder external rotation in my left shoulder I need to work on. I did some back squats before front squats to see if this affected my leaning issue. It seems like it has made it better. I was able to bang out several reps which looked really good. This was also using the “hands off” cue I’ve used in the past which seemed to fix this issue. The lean did show up but it might be due to not concentrating on the cue. In retrospect I think I should have just squatted and will attempt to do so on Wednesday. I still intend to go through with the consultation with Tom as it’d be nice to get some eyes on my form.

I’ve decided to transition my Bench and Press to a Texas Method template. I like the idea of working on my form at lower weights with a lot of volume which the Texas Method provides in the form of a 5X5. My Press at 150 isn’t so pretty. I’ll drop my Press to 135 next week and my Bench to 160 and see if the weight is high enough to drive adaptation. I don’t know how well Texas Method will work at my gym because inevitably Sergeant Half-Squat and his sidekick will show up and get pissed that the rack is taken.

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