Training – Wednesday, March 21st 2012


Tack and stretch distal triceps

Foam rolled thoracic and lats

Pre-Squat hip sequence

Rack band work with extra shoulder work

Back Squat

300 X 4

275 X 3


155 X 2


335 X 5

Decided to Squat today. Check out the video for sweet leaning action. The band work definitely made it easier to rack the bar on my shoulders.

I decided to Press 155 and see how many reps I could get since I’ll be switching to the Texas Method next week for Pressing. I only got 2.

Deadlifts felt pretty good.

I won’t be training Friday since Saturday I’ll be having a consultation with Tom Campitelli and want to be as rested as possible. I’ll keep up with mobing the rest of the week.

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