Training – Monday, March 26th 2012


305 X 5 X 3


135 X 5 X 5


205 X 5 X 3

My first set of Squats felt a little meh until I remembered to get my knees forward. Then BOOM, Squats felt fantastic. This is exactly the issue I was facing when I was Squatting 335. I wouldn’t get my knees forward and out fast enough which meant I never created a stable bottom position to bounce. My last two sets I clearly felt the bounce. Video below, sorry for the crap angle. I can’t reproduce the same angle from Saturday without squatting into the mirror, and well fuck that.

Today was my first Volume Day Press on the Texas Method. Tom Campitelli had suggested that I micro load instead and it may turn out that he was right but I don’t see the difference between micro loading 2.5 pound increases and TM 5 pound progression. I get that TM is a more complex program but I think I can manage it.

RDLs felt good. Squeezing the lower back from the top down.

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