Training – Friday, March 30th 2012


315 X 5 X 3


150 X 5

147.5 X 5 X 2


340 X 5

250 X 3

Felt good to be squatting three plates again. The first set I tried “knees out” and “knees forward”, however it didn’t seem to work as well as just “knees forward”. You can see my knees “stuttering” to get out and then they come inward on a few of the reps:

The second and third set I just focused on “knees forward”. My second set was definitely the best:

And the third wasn’t too bad:

I decided to say fuck it and just try to get as much out of the LP I can get on my Presses. My reasoning for this is so that I’ll have experience doing this if I ever train someone and we decide to milk the LP and also I’m just curious how far my genetics will take me on a novice program. Plus it’s easier to program than the TM.

Pulls were pretty good. Got my back into complete extension before each pull. Gotta work better on keeping my back extended throughout the pull but it didn’t look too bad. Backoff set looked real good

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