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Training – Friday, April 27th 2012

Squats – Light


Bench Press – TM – Intensity




First TM Bench Press Intensity day. Felt pretty good. Weight went up pretty easy.

Deadlifts felt pretty good. Not perfect but I’ll take it. I just want the weight to go up at this point. Occasionally when surfing reddit I see someone say something like “don’t forget to squeeze your glutes!” on the Squat or deadlift. This is stupid. In most circumstances learning good form in a lift does not require conscious activation of specific muscle groups. Case in point my last rep of deadlifts today. At no point did I say “glue time!” But that last little bit of lockout was all glute. My butt was a knot afterwards.

Here are my Squats from Wednesday:

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Training – Wednesday, April 26th 2012



Press – Light


Wow, Squats beat the piss out of me. I’ve never felt so drained of energy before. I could barely even do the Presses afterwards. There was no way I’d be pulling later. I asked Tom Campitelli if I should move to Advanced Novice and his response was essentially, “uh, yeah, duh”. Friday I’ll do a light day on squats and do the pulls I was supposed to do on Wednesday and then Monday I’ll move to Advanced Novice.

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Training – Monday, April 23rd 2012



Bench Press – TM


Power Clean


Yeah, not sure how much longer this linear progression thing is gonna go. Changed my “psyche-up” a bit for Squat today. Less jack up my heart rate more calm and collected. I like it.

Let’s talk about nutrition a bit. I’m not counting calories, carbs or anything of that shit, just trying to eat a lot. Food quality has gone down a bit but fuck it. I figure I’ll clean it up a bit once my Squat moves to a weekly progression but I want to try and keep it going as long as possible so I’m not super worried what I’m eating. I am putting on a little fat. Not a ton, but a reasonable amount for what I’m doing. Here’s one of my recipes:

Chocolate protein shake

– Chocolate protein powder

– Whole heavy cream

– Water

Shake dat shit up. The caloric density is directly proportional to how much cream you put in, so don’t go nuts…

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Random Thoughts

People should be willing to admit their own ignorance more regularly. I respect people that do this, rather than those that stubbornly stick to their own beliefs. Of course, I’m guilty of doing this as well. There’s great advantage to admitting ignorance. It means you have room to grow, to improve yourself. You should always be trying to do this.

Listen to this song:

Then listen to this one:

Life is too short to be dogmatic about anything. That includes diet, exercise, political affiliation, religion, whatever. I’ve spent a third of my life being dogmatic about different ideas. Fuck that.

I think one of the best reasons to lift that doesn’t get talked about as much is that it changes you. Obviously physically but also mentally. You take a kid weighing 160lb. soaking wet and get his Squat up to 315lbs and his body weight up to 180 and he’s not the same person he was. The iron focuses you. It teaches you that you can make progress everyday as long as you’re determined and put in the hard work. If that’s not a good reason to lift some heavy ass weight I don’t know what is.


Training – Friday, April 20th 2012



Press – TM






Wow, Squats felt pretty damn heavy. I was on my toes on a bunch of reps. I bet it’s a knee thing.

The intensity day of TM is really the best. Only one heavy set. Presses felt real good. Little roar at the top. Probably should save that for BW.

Deadlifts looked okay. Only did four of the first because the fourth rep felt real bad

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Training – Wednesday, April 18th 2012


345 X 5 X 3

Bench Press – Medium

170 X 5 X 2

Power Cleans

140 X 3 X 5

Squats blew today. They felt heavy and just wrong. I attribute this to concentrating so much on trying to keep the bar level that my attention was drawn away from the lift mechanics themselves. It seems like I really only have room in my consciousness for one cue at a time when I lift. I tried ingraining the shrug earlier during warmups to see if it would carry over to the work sets but it didn’t seem to. I know after my consultation with Tom I had a couple weeks of really level bar paths. I’m not sure what changed. Maybe mobility. I’ve kind of neglected shoulder mobs at night. Probably should throw those back in the rotation.

Power Cleans felt pretty good. I need to work on the drop before the rack a bit more.

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Training – Monday, April 16 2012


340 X 5 X 3

Press – TM

130 X 5 X 5 (Unbelted)


340 X 5

Yes, I deadlifted and squatted the same weight. This is how much my Deadlift sucks. My back looked a lot better after getting into position with it already in extension. Squats would have been good if I could keep the fucking bar level.

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MobilityWOD Primer

Hey folks.

Took the day off today because my girlfriend got me sick (<3). I’ve learned that when I get a cold I need to skip training, else it’ll make the cold worse. I know a lot of people can train through a cold but I don’t appear to be one of them.

Anywho, today I posted a MobilityWOD intro/primer to the weight room subreddit. Check it out:

Expect to see a lot more posts on mobility ’round these parts.

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Training – Wednesday, April 11 2012


335 X 5 X 3


150 X 5 X 3

150 X 5 X 4


275 X 3

315 X 3 X 2

275 X 3

Squats felt pretty heavy. Recorded the last set from in front and found out I was leaning bad to the right. Who would have ever guessed? Forgot to focus on shrugging the right shoulder. Whoops.

Presses sucked. TM on Monday

Experimented with Deadlift form. Figured since I have no problem extending my lumbar while standing if I extended before I get setup maybe I’d get better proprioception while in a more horizontal position. I like the way this looks a lot.

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Training – Friday, April 6th 2012


330 X 5 X 3

Bench Press

185 X 5 X 3


350 X 2

Girlfriend is here 🙂

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