Training – Wednesday, April 4th 2012



325 X 5 X 3


150 X 5 X 2

150 X 4

Power Cleans

65 X 3

75 X 3

85 X 3

95 X 3

105 X 3

115 X 3

125 X 3

135 X 3

Squats felt better than last time. I’ve been getting sore right under my hip pointers and I’m not totally sure why. Probably has something to my knee position at the bottom.

Okay fuck this. This is the last time I’m going to stall at 150. I’m moving to the Texas Method.

I want to start doing Power Cleans again. Now that my pull form has gotten better so have these. I have the tendency to jump before I hit my thighs so I just need to work on waiting to jum

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