Training – Wednesday, April 18th 2012


345 X 5 X 3

Bench Press – Medium

170 X 5 X 2

Power Cleans

140 X 3 X 5

Squats blew today. They felt heavy and just wrong. I attribute this to concentrating so much on trying to keep the bar level that my attention was drawn away from the lift mechanics themselves. It seems like I really only have room in my consciousness for one cue at a time when I lift. I tried ingraining the shrug earlier during warmups to see if it would carry over to the work sets but it didn’t seem to. I know after my consultation with Tom I had a couple weeks of really level bar paths. I’m not sure what changed. Maybe mobility. I’ve kind of neglected shoulder mobs at night. Probably should throw those back in the rotation.

Power Cleans felt pretty good. I need to work on the drop before the rack a bit more.

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