Random Thoughts

People should be willing to admit their own ignorance more regularly. I respect people that do this, rather than those that stubbornly stick to their own beliefs. Of course, I’m guilty of doing this as well. There’s great advantage to admitting ignorance. It means you have room to grow, to improve yourself. You should always be trying to do this.

Listen to this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGDy3CeRa1w

Then listen to this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWo2tRGQJPc

Life is too short to be dogmatic about anything. That includes diet, exercise, political affiliation, religion, whatever. I’ve spent a third of my life being dogmatic about different ideas. Fuck that.

I think one of the best reasons to lift that doesn’t get talked about as much is that it changes you. Obviously physically but also mentally. You take a kid weighing 160lb. soaking wet and get his Squat up to 315lbs and his body weight up to 180 and he’s not the same person he was. The iron focuses you. It teaches you that you can make progress everyday as long as you’re determined and put in the hard work. If that’s not a good reason to lift some heavy ass weight I don’t know what is.


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