Training – Monday, April 23rd 2012



Bench Press – TM


Power Clean


Yeah, not sure how much longer this linear progression thing is gonna go. Changed my “psyche-up” a bit for Squat today. Less jack up my heart rate more calm and collected. I like it.

Let’s talk about nutrition a bit. I’m not counting calories, carbs or anything of that shit, just trying to eat a lot. Food quality has gone down a bit but fuck it. I figure I’ll clean it up a bit once my Squat moves to a weekly progression but I want to try and keep it going as long as possible so I’m not super worried what I’m eating. I am putting on a little fat. Not a ton, but a reasonable amount for what I’m doing. Here’s one of my recipes:

Chocolate protein shake

– Chocolate protein powder

– Whole heavy cream

– Water

Shake dat shit up. The caloric density is directly proportional to how much cream you put in, so don’t go nuts…

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