Training – Friday, May 11th 2012




Bench Press – TM – Intensity


Power Clean



I’ve decided to transition my Squat to the TM. It might be a little premature since I did Deadlift Wednesday and I hadn’t Squatted heavy for a week but it felt super heavy. Depth was good though. Focused on driving the knees out hard and didn’t have the forward knee travel issue I was having last time.

I didn’t do Bench volume on Monday but I figured I could hit 205 regardless and I did.

Just could not get that last rep on the power cleans. Probably due to fatigued hammies. Probably going to move to three sets of threes.

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3 thoughts on “Training – Friday, May 11th 2012

  1. J.T. says:

    Nice squats. Do you actually play that thing or is it just for show?


    • chadhydro says:

      Thanks. It’s actually a family heirloom from the 1800s which was recently restored. It was horribly out of tune at the time.


      • J.T. says:

        Very cool! I have my great-grandfather’s bowlback mandolin from about the same time period, it needs a neck reset badly and isn’t playable right now. Nice to see another lifter that’s also into playing mando.


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