Training – Monday, May 14th 2012

Squats – TM – Volume



Press – TM – Volume


So today I was a bit of a douche. After looking at my Squat video from Friday I thought, those looked easy! I should be able to just continue Advanced Novice. Didn’t quite turn out that way. I literally aborted the last rep of the first set of squats. Felt like my 5RM.

So I decided to do TM volume on top of that. I jumped right into 90% of 370 without ascending or any sort of easing into it. Mistake. After 370, 335x5x3 was hell. Hopefully with 370×4 it’s enough volume for Friday. On Friday I’ll just do 370×5 and start making jumps from there. Lesson learned. My lower back was mucho fatigued afterwards and couldn’t even contemplate pulling.

Presses were actually pretty easy. Probably will increase volume weight by five next time.

“Patience + Persistence = Strength” – Bill Starr

That’s one I need to keep in mind…

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