Training – Friday, May 25th 2012

Texas Method Intensity Day



Bench Press


Power Clean


Don’t have a video of my Squat since I used a shitty angle and most of the interesting stuff is out of the shot. Went okay. Form is definitely not as good as Volume day’s.

Bench was pretty good. I have a weird issue with my right shoulder which probably is again due to the fact that it is physically lower than my left. Anyway, it tends to click and be real painful when I bench unless I do it in just the right way. Something I need to work on. Shot a video for a change.

Power Cleans sucked in that I’m not dropping to meet the bar and I end up reverse curling it at the top. Probably need to deload a bit and work on form.

I’m titrating down my caloric intake. I’ve put on as much fat as I’m comfortable doing at the moment. Cutting out the whole heavy cream was the obvious first step and next is to remove the superfluous carbs. I like to keep my protein and fat intake pretty constant. This allows me to then increase/decrease my carb consumption as I find necessary for the moment.


Oh, I forgot to say I rowed 1km afterwards and it was EZPZ. Apparently my conditioning has improved just via lifting. Imagine that.

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