Music to Squat to

One of the ways I get amped up for a big lift is with music. It’s taken me some time but I’ve found the perfect music for the situation. A lot of people who lift opt for metal but I’ve never been able to really get into it and the stuff I’ve liked hasn’t been consistently hard and fast enough to get my adrenaline flowing. What I’ve found that does is punk. Specifically, 90’s Punk. 

I’ve always been a fan of The Offspring but hadn’t really listened to their older works. I downloaded copies of Ignition and Smash and found them perfect.

For a while, Session was my Squat song:

After getting Smash, Nitro was the clear successor to Session:

I’ve branched off a bit from Offspring. Pennywise’s Fight Till You Die also fits the bill:

When I’m not going for a PR the music can be a bit slower. I like Dinosaur Jr. a lot:

What music do you Squat to?

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