Training – Friday, June 1st 2012

Texas Method Intensity Day








Well this was definitely my least favorite Intensity day. First, I realized while I was on the bus that I’d forgotten my workout clothes. So I made a quick trip to target before lifting. Squats were really hard. Unfortunately it’s hard to say why. Could be I didn’t use enough weight on volume day. Could be because I had move VD to Tuesday and skip recovery day. Could be I haven’t been eating enough food since I was trying to go easy on the calories. Could be because I didn’t have my orange juice before I lifted. Fuck me. Next week I’ll eat more, up the Volume by 5 pounds and def have my orange juice.

See the smith machine Squatter checking my depth? I sure hope I made him happy… Fucking mother fucker. I wanted that last rep so bad on my Press. I might have gotten it if I hadn’t fucked around at lockout for so long or maybe if I expelled some air around my sticking point. Tried it again by I was taxed at that point.

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