Training – Friday, June 15th 2012

Texas Method Intensity Day










Squats looked a lot better this week. For some reason. Focusing on shoving out my right knee tends to help get my knees out to where they need to be. I’ve noticed in a lot of my videos that my right knee tends to come in a lot. Did this mwod the night before and right before squatting. Loosened up my shoulders A TON. Felt a little pain in the elbow. Didn’t get a head on shot to see if the bar was tilting. I’ll find out on monday’s volume.

Switched to triples on Press to try to continue progress on intensity day. Wanted to see if I could get a fourth rep but no go.

Did five singles on deadlifts so I could check my back angle after each pull.

In other news, just signed a lease on a new studio apartment! There’s a gym with a rack right around the corner. I’ll most likely move my schedule to a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday so that I can train with my girlfriend once a week. Pretty faking excited.

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