Bench Press


So it’s been a while since I’ve updated. Last Friday I squatted 405 for two reps and dumped it on the third. It was weird. I hadn’t dumped a rep in a long time. I dumped the second rep of my last warmup. My lower back relaxed or something. Was pretty weird. Maybe just a bad day. I didn’t even Deadlift because I was weirded out. I tried to Press 175×3 but I couldn’t even press one rep so I dropped it by 5 and ground out the nastiest single.

I’ve purchased both of Justin Lascek’s Texas Method e-books. He recommends after doing a 5×5 for two months to drop the volume to a 3×5. So as an experiment I dropped today’s volume the thought being that maybe the volume’s been too high such that I haven’t been recovering and that’s why I couldn’t hit a triple last week. We’ll see. All I know is I’ll be pissed if I miss ID again.


I thought the movie was pretty damn good. I knew that Bane would break Batman’s back since I had read the Knightfall and beyond book when I was a kid. My stomach still dropped when it happened. I thought his recovery was a bit too miraculous though. I liked how they handled Selina Kyle and her idea as “cat woman”. Very subtle. Bane could have been bigger. Yeah Tom Hardy was big. I guess I’m stuck on how Bane was portrayed in the comics; super-strength from venom fed into his body. I do like that Hardy wasn’t super cut. He just looked strong and strength was what beat Batman. Anyway, definitely enjoyed the movie and would watch again.

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