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Bench Press





Well here’s the second barely productive intensity day two weeks in a row. I figured going for a triple at 400 would be conservative. Either I fucked myself over with reduced volume on Monday or I didn’t realize how bad the week layoff fucked me over. I dumped the third rep, tried for a triple at 395 but after the second rep realized I wouldn’t get a triple. Videos:



I’m going to drop my Intensity Day weight to the last successful set of 5 I did (385) and work back up. The layoff hasn’t affected my Bench at all and I’m continuing to make progress, but that’s just because my Bench isn’t very strong. I tried at triple at 405 on the deadlift but no go. My form still needs work. I’m STILL having trouble with lumbar extension. Training at Tom Campitelli’s gym next Saturday so hopefully he can help with that.

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