Perfect is the enemy of good








400×4 (reps PR)

Bench Press


Hit a pretty easy 400×4 on Friday. I think I could have done 5 but on the third rep my knees came forward and killed my power out of the hole. I’ve been using the “Bounce” cue with pretty good success. The only problem is sometimes my knees come to far forward. I bounced the shit out of these reps

Trying something new on deadlifts. Instead of the Mark Rippetoe technique where you get your hips in position then keep them there and get your back extended by cranking your chest up (I’ve had so much trouble with this) I’m cranking on my chest and my low back and lower my hips just enough that my back locks and my hamstrings are taught.

I understand that Rip’s is efficient, but the perfect is the enemy of the good

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