The End of an Experiment



Bench Press


Ever since I switched to a Texas Method Split Template I’ve been running an experiment whereby I attempt to increase both my Bench and Press each week. On Tuesday I do a 3×5 for both Bench and Press Volume and on Thursdays I would do an intensity set for both Bench and Press. This worked well until my Press got into PR territory. I was able to do 180×2 last week. I then pushed my Press volume up to 160x5x3 and my Bench up to 205x3x5. My theory is that overall this was too much volume for my shoulders. It’s possible that if I had kept the Press volume where it’s at I’d be looking at a PR this week. I’m going to end this experiment at this point just because it’s a pain in the ass to have to not only balance Monday’s volume between intensity day but also balance it between another exercise using similar musculature. Maybe I’ll revisit this again at another time.

What I’m going to do next week is to go back to rotating the Press and Bench each week. I’ll start out just Benching next week and then give the Press a slight deload the week after. I’ll probably try to increase my Bench via 5 singles across from here on out but we’ll see how next Thursday goes.

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2 thoughts on “The End of an Experiment

  1. Jon Lovering says:

    I hate benching.

    My program isn’t a pure strength program at this point anymore. I’m sort of doing my own experiment with lifting trying to balance in some OL. In my grand experiment I like to stick with a press or bench 3 powerlifting workouts in a row, and then swap. When my bench gets to a respectable level, I might just de-emphasize it.

    It’s ok, I accept that I won’t get as strong doing what I’m doing.


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