Hadn’t trained in close to a month due to a cold then lingering sinus infection plus holiday travel. If you haven’t used a neti-pot I highly recommend you get one. It kicks the shit out of sinus infections.

Ramping back up to heavy weights and heavy volume. The way I do it is based on the 70’s Big recommendation of doing a Light-medium-heavy week to get the body acclimated. I like to hit more volume the first day back to get the blood flowing. Makes for bad DOMS though. One thing I’m thinking of trying this time is instead of ascending volume on the first squat volume day I’ll just try and do the normal volume. Probably will suck bad. I haven’t had good luck with ascending volume and being able to hit a heavy triple the next intensity day. My thought is that the lack of volume is the issue but maybe it’s just because I’m not acclimated to the heavy weight yet. We’ll see come next week.

1/4/13 – Light + Volume






Bench Press





1/5/13 – Medium






Bench Press



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2 thoughts on “Neti-Pot

  1. John Phung says:

    Hey Chad

    Glad you’re back up and training again.

    I’ve been using a Neti pot since 2009, and have been using one about twice a day since. Can’t live without it.

    I remember the first few times using a Neti pot. Man what a sight.


    • chadhydro says:

      Oh wow dude. That’s quite an endorsement! Yeah the first couple times were funny. I was really stuffed so I was like “Where’d the water go??!! Oh wait, there it is.” LOL


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