My latest purchase: A car polisher

Wait a minute… this ain’t no car blog. Hear me out. After reading the All Things Gym article about using a car polisher as a self-myofasical release device I had to get one to try.

I’ve tried pretty much every myofascial release tool known to man. Foam rollers, lacrosse balls, the stick; I think they all have a place but they have there problems too. For me, foam rollers and lacrosse balls can be very effective at working out the nots but there’s really no way to vary the intensity. It’s all pain all the time. The stick does a better job at this but still requires the use of two hands. Enter the car polisher…


Black & Decker WP900 6-Inch Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher

I can understand if you’re incredulous but think of it as simply a high powered massage tool. The car polisher excels as a myofascial release tool in that it allows the user to vary the intensity. You can start out light by using it flat on your muscles as you would a car and then increase the pain by turning it on its side (the spinning section parallel to the muscle) and really grind the knots out by applying downwards pressure.

Photo 1

The Black and Decker polisher comes with the polisher and three pads.

The polisher also allows you to hit more spots with one hand that were difficult with other tools. It’s fairly easy to massage the pecs, biceps, and anterior shoulders even without a partner. You’ll still need help to hit your back and posterior shoulders (I’ve enlisted my beautiful girlfriend to help with those spots).

If you lift weights a car polisher should be in your toolkit, as crazy as that sounds.

UPDATE: For how-to videos check out the All Things Gym article

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