Lower Good Upper… Not So Good…



430×3 (PR)


265×1 (PR) Failed, second single 





465x1x3 (PR)



This week went pretty well for lower body but not so hot for upper body. When I was warming up on Bench my last warmup single and subsequent workset single felt way harder than they should. I failed the second single and decided not to try again. I think I wasn’t recovered from Monday’s volume. Last time I switched to 3s on volume because I couldn’t finish the set otherwise (on Press) the same thing happened. What I’ll probably do next week is drop the volume 5 pounds and then try and hit all 5 singles next week.

Whether it was the lack of volume, or the cold, this week I got all three reps on Squat. Video:

I’ve realized that my Squat has gotten a bit sloppy as of late. Compare the squat to this one:

I’m getting into my knees. and this is bringing the bar path forward of midfoot and actually making the lift harder. I’m going to remedy this by shoving my knees out hard.

Deadlifts went pretty well despite not having trained them the week prior. Here’s one of the singles:

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