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Intensity Squats

415x3x2 (Wanted 5+)

Intensity Bench

245×3 (Wanted 5+)

Dumbbell rows


Fixed-weight EZ bar curls


SS’d with

Clean and Press


Didn’t get the reps I wanted today. I feel like I’m strong enough at this point that 5+ should be no problem at 415. Maybe I’m not but I’m also considering that I’m a bit unrecovered. I was able to do 2 triples at 415 but after the third rep I was just too fatigued to continue. I’ve decided that next week I’ll do a deload week. Since I’ve been training hard for weeks and weeks in a row maybe a light week will help. I’m going to do some light high-bar squats and some other accessory work.

Got a Nike Elbow sleeve which was recommended on the Lift Heavy Shit forums. I’ve been getting elbow tendonitis in my left elbow off and on for a while now. Curls help but any of the big movements (Squat, Bench, Deadlift) exacerbate it which keeps me from doing most accessory work because the elbow is inflamed after any of the worksets. I wore the elbow sleeve for this session. I’ll have a full review up later but essentially it allowed me to train with almost no pain. There were a few twinges here or there but mainly my elbow felt GREAT. I’ll be wearing this all the time.

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Leg Drive


Intensity Squats

445x1x3 (PR)

Intensity Bench

265x1x3 (PR)

Bench has become all about leg-drive for me. I’ve recently just woken this “latent ability”. The first single here was a struggle near lockout until I thought “oh shit, legs!” and then it flew up to lockout. The rest were a lot easier with leg drive. 


Volume Bench

225x5x3 (PR)

Lying Tricep Extensions

Worked up to 10 on both sides of EZ-Curl bar

Yay volume @ 2 plates! A lot easier thanks to my patented leg drive. Jeez, you’d think all lifters would utilize this…


Volume Squats


Hammer Strength Row Machine


Due to this discussion on the Lift Heavy Shit forums I decided to stop beating myself down on volume days and focus more on making them pretty. Going to drop my intensity squat and try 415xAMRAP and then follow the progression laid down by Jacob Cloud. It was nice to handle some heavier weight for a couple of weeks in the form of singles but I do agree that rep work on intensity day is more sustainable.

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Happy Blog-iversary!


Over-warmup Squats


Volume Squats (@84% of future Intensity, 445x1x3)

372.5x5x3 (+2.5lbs)

I started doing an “Over-warm-up” last week with volume squats. The idea here is to make the main volume sets feel lighter. So far this has not been my experience. More importantly, though, this has me squatting 4 plates every time I squat which in turn reduces the apprehension I get anytime I squat something > 405.

It completely slipped my mind: I’ve been writing this blog for exactly one year (on the 11th, first article). Happy blog-iversary! This blog is my longest running blog ever. So that’s cool



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435×5 (Rep PR)


Bench (@84% of future Intensity, 265x1x3)

222.5x5x3 (+2.5lbs)

After last weeks grip debacle on the deadlift I figure this week would be a good time to deload a bit and work back up with fives for a little extra volume. I don’t remember the last time I did fives. My deadlift was probably in the 300s at the time. Fives were always hell for me on deadlifts but this set wasn’t really all that bad. My back rounded a bit on the last two and was pretty damn sore as a result for the past two days.

My left bicep was killing me after that set. A trainer at Sunset Gym whom I’ve spoke to on several occasions (he’s actually the only decent trainer I’ve ever come across in a commercial gym) told me he noticed a little arm-bend during my set. This made a lot of sense to me and I think it could be the root of my recent bicep pain. I had thought it was my squat but that pain always seemed to clear up with a fair amount of curls. What I’m going to do to fix this: Filming my deadlifts from my left side (supinated hand) should allow me to see when arm-bend occurs, I’ll also focus on contracting my triceps throughout the lift which should keep my arms straight. Definitely going to keep an eye on this as arm-bend can lead to torn biceps. DO NOT WANT.

The first set of bench volume today was pretty meh. My right shoulder flared pretty bad and felt pretty nasty afterwords. I figured I had some internal rotation going on so I decided to try “tucking” my elbows. This cleaned up my Bench immensely. I thinking tucking my elbows subsequently activated my lats. It was like I was on rails whereas my Bench has been pretty sloppy recently. It’s analogous to shoving your knees out on the squat. This is a cue I’m definitely going to continue to use.

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Sore hammies


Pendlay Rows









Close-Grip Bench


I think the RDLs on Tuesday fucked me over today. My hamstrings still had some residual soreness from Tuesday even though I made it a point to eat real well this week and do soft-tissue work on them. I’ve always thought I should be doing them because Justin Lascek of 70’s Big says they’re the bees knees but I’m not so sure that I need them. My hamstrings are pretty well developed muscle-wise.

Also, I didn’t eat a banana like I usually do before I train so not sure if that had some effect here. I wanted a triple as normal on squat but the first rep’s speed was slow such that I didn’t think I’d make the triple so I just stuck to singles. Maybe a triple will be in the cards for next week but more than likely it’ll be singles from here on out.

First single on Bench was a lot slower than it should be so I decided to stick to 3. I’ve been getting a lot more leg drive lately in Bench and I’ve pretty much accomplished by planting my feet as far back under the bench as they’ll go. It’s pretty cool to finally be able to feel force transferring through your feet into the ground.

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Baby Hands






My grip was FUCKED for this session. Near the end of my warmups I did a double at 405 which should have been a cake walk but the second rep saw my left hand giving out. This has never happened before. The last single before the worksets the same thing happened, but even worse. Couldn’t even lock out the first single at 475. I believe what happened was all of the bicep work I did the day prior stressed my forearms such that they weren’t recovered for this. Did I mention I have baby hands? Seriously, a lot of chicks have bigger hands than me. I need to be better about this in the future and that means relegating all bicep work to the beginning of the week.

I’ll think about this week what I’m going to do with deadlifts going forward. I’m considering dropping the weight to 435 and attempting a 5RM progression.


Voume Squats

370x5x3 (+5lbs, 84% of future intensity 440×3)

Bench Press

220x5x3 (+2.5lbs, 85% of future intensity 260x1x5)

One word to describe this session BRUTAL. My back was still a little sore from Saturday’s failed deadlifts. Drank a bunch over the weekend. Didn’t get enough sleep, etc. My low-back got fatigued real quickly after the Squats and I was sucking air real bad. If my program had any sort of auto-regulation I probably wouldn’t have done this. But it doesn’t so I butched up and did them.

Bench was pretty tough too. The Last rep wasn’t truly a full rep but I’ll count it.

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I figured this was an appropriate gif for today’s lifts


Squats (Volume @ 84%)


Bench (Volume @ 85%)


Finally got that Squat triple I wanted last friday. I think that extra day for recovery definitely makes a difference. Wasn’t a perfect set. My intensity squats tend to be a little sloppy but not enough that I couldn’t complete the set.

I tried to get a triple at 255 but only got one rep so I decided to stick to five singles.

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Monday’s Volume


Volume Squats (@84% of future Intensity, 435×3)


Volume Bench (@85% of future Intensity, 255×3)

217.5x5x3 (+2.5lbs)

Ate a lot of “dirty” foods over the weekend. Also skipping a lot of accessory work this week to act as a small deload. I’m also sticking three days in between volume and intensity and will probably make this a permanent change.

The Squats felt a lot easier this week. Tried to keep my knees out and sitting back a lot more. A lot less tiring and a lot less harder on my low back. I’m hoping these form tweaks weren’t the issue with my Squats last friday.

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This week blew


Bench (Volume @ 81%)

265×1, x0


Squats (Volume @ 84%)


This week was a repeat of last week as far as Bench. It’s pretty clear why I missed the second single again. My volume is just way too low @ 81%. Going to start recording all the percentages here on my blog so that I’m constantly aware of them. Next week I’m going to up my volume weight by 2.5lbs and drop intensity to 250.

What the fuck I don’t even. I’m guessing the deal with Squats is the opposite of Bench. Too much volume too soon. Going to do volume on Monday and Intensity on Friday so that I have another day to recover next week. I’m also going to eat like a fat kid and skip deadlifts tomorrow too. Hopefully just a case of under-recovery.

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