Baby Hands






My grip was FUCKED for this session. Near the end of my warmups I did a double at 405 which should have been a cake walk but the second rep saw my left hand giving out. This has never happened before. The last single before the worksets the same thing happened, but even worse. Couldn’t even lock out the first single at 475. I believe what happened was all of the bicep work I did the day prior stressed my forearms such that they weren’t recovered for this. Did I mention I have baby hands? Seriously, a lot of chicks have bigger hands than me. I need to be better about this in the future and that means relegating all bicep work to the beginning of the week.

I’ll think about this week what I’m going to do with deadlifts going forward. I’m considering dropping the weight to 435 and attempting a 5RM progression.


Voume Squats

370x5x3 (+5lbs, 84% of future intensity 440×3)

Bench Press

220x5x3 (+2.5lbs, 85% of future intensity 260x1x5)

One word to describe this session BRUTAL. My back was still a little sore from Saturday’s failed deadlifts. Drank a bunch over the weekend. Didn’t get enough sleep, etc. My low-back got fatigued real quickly after the Squats and I was sucking air real bad. If my program had any sort of auto-regulation I probably wouldn’t have done this. But it doesn’t so I butched up and did them.

Bench was pretty tough too. The Last rep wasn’t truly a full rep but I’ll count it.

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