Sore hammies


Pendlay Rows









Close-Grip Bench


I think the RDLs on Tuesday fucked me over today. My hamstrings still had some residual soreness from Tuesday even though I made it a point to eat real well this week and do soft-tissue work on them. I’ve always thought I should be doing them because Justin Lascek of 70’s Big says they’re the bees knees but I’m not so sure that I need them. My hamstrings are pretty well developed muscle-wise.

Also, I didn’t eat a banana like I usually do before I train so not sure if that had some effect here. I wanted a triple as normal on squat but the first rep’s speed was slow such that I didn’t think I’d make the triple so I just stuck to singles. Maybe a triple will be in the cards for next week but more than likely it’ll be singles from here on out.

First single on Bench was a lot slower than it should be so I decided to stick to 3. I’ve been getting a lot more leg drive lately in Bench and I’ve pretty much accomplished by planting my feet as far back under the bench as they’ll go. It’s pretty cool to finally be able to feel force transferring through your feet into the ground.

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