435×5 (Rep PR)


Bench (@84% of future Intensity, 265x1x3)

222.5x5x3 (+2.5lbs)

After last weeks grip debacle on the deadlift I figure this week would be a good time to deload a bit and work back up with fives for a little extra volume. I don’t remember the last time I did fives. My deadlift was probably in the 300s at the time. Fives were always hell for me on deadlifts but this set wasn’t really all that bad. My back rounded a bit on the last two and was pretty damn sore as a result for the past two days.

My left bicep was killing me after that set. A trainer at Sunset Gym whom I’ve spoke to on several occasions (he’s actually the only decent trainer I’ve ever come across in a commercial gym) told me he noticed a little arm-bend during my set. This made a lot of sense to me and I think it could be the root of my recent bicep pain. I had thought it was my squat but that pain always seemed to clear up with a fair amount of curls. What I’m going to do to fix this: Filming my deadlifts from my left side (supinated hand) should allow me to see when arm-bend occurs, I’ll also focus on contracting my triceps throughout the lift which should keep my arms straight. Definitely going to keep an eye on this as arm-bend can lead to torn biceps. DO NOT WANT.

The first set of bench volume today was pretty meh. My right shoulder flared pretty bad and felt pretty nasty afterwords. I figured I had some internal rotation going on so I decided to try “tucking” my elbows. This cleaned up my Bench immensely. I thinking tucking my elbows subsequently activated my lats. It was like I was on rails whereas my Bench has been pretty sloppy recently. It’s analogous to shoving your knees out on the squat. This is a cue I’m definitely going to continue to use.

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