Leg Drive


Intensity Squats

445x1x3 (PR)

Intensity Bench

265x1x3 (PR)

Bench has become all about leg-drive for me. I’ve recently just woken this “latent ability”. The first single here was a struggle near lockout until I thought “oh shit, legs!” and then it flew up to lockout. The rest were a lot easier with leg drive. 


Volume Bench

225x5x3 (PR)

Lying Tricep Extensions

Worked up to 10 on both sides of EZ-Curl bar

Yay volume @ 2 plates! A lot easier thanks to my patented leg drive. Jeez, you’d think all lifters would utilize this…


Volume Squats


Hammer Strength Row Machine


Due to this discussion on the Lift Heavy Shit forums I decided to stop beating myself down on volume days and focus more on making them pretty. Going to drop my intensity squat and try 415xAMRAP and then follow the progression laid down by Jacob Cloud. It was nice to handle some heavier weight for a couple of weeks in the form of singles but I do agree that rep work on intensity day is more sustainable.

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