Intensity Squats

415x3x2 (Wanted 5+)

Intensity Bench

245×3 (Wanted 5+)

Dumbbell rows


Fixed-weight EZ bar curls


SS’d with

Clean and Press


Didn’t get the reps I wanted today. I feel like I’m strong enough at this point that 5+ should be no problem at 415. Maybe I’m not but I’m also considering that I’m a bit unrecovered. I was able to do 2 triples at 415 but after the third rep I was just too fatigued to continue. I’ve decided that next week I’ll do a deload week. Since I’ve been training hard for weeks and weeks in a row maybe a light week will help. I’m going to do some light high-bar squats and some other accessory work.

Got a Nike Elbow sleeve which was recommended on the Lift Heavy Shit forums. I’ve been getting elbow tendonitis in my left elbow off and on for a while now. Curls help but any of the big movements (Squat, Bench, Deadlift) exacerbate it which keeps me from doing most accessory work because the elbow is inflamed after any of the worksets. I wore the elbow sleeve for this session. I’ll have a full review up later but essentially it allowed me to train with almost no pain. There were a few twinges here or there but mainly my elbow felt GREAT. I’ll be wearing this all the time.

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