Training – 07/25/2013 – Sheiko 37 W2D3

Sumo Deadlift
270x4x2 (Paused at Knee)
315x4x4 (Paused at Knee)

Bench Press
195x4x5 (Paused)

Sumo Deadlift

This workout ended a lot better than the last one. I think what happened on Tuesday was that while I did sip orange juice I didn’t hydrate enough on top of that and I got really dehydrated. This time I drank a shite ton of liquids.

These first set of sumos were supposed to be up to the knee but I was inspired by Ben Rice to try pausing these at knee. These were pretty brutal on the low back and these pauses weren’t super strict and sometimes I missed the knee. Still learning sumo style.

On the second set of sumos I realized I was dropping my hips a lot lower than they needed to go. Once I started higher the movement became quite a bit easier. Still have a lot of work to do to get this movement down.

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