Testing Maxes, PRs, and thoughts going forward

435×1 (Ties comp PR)
445×1 (Ties all-time PR)
455×1 (All new PR)

Bench Press
265×1 (New Paused PR)

Sumo Deadlift
455×1 (New Sumo PR)

Decided to test my maxes this day. This is kind of bad, but I got bored with Sheiko. I didn’t actually finish all of 37 (skipped the last two days). I will admit I’ve got a bit of training ADD at the moment. I feel like I’ve earned the right to start experimenting. I’ve trained the way I “should” the past two years. Starting Strength -> Texas Method.

I’m now considering how I will move forward in my training. Sheiko is pretty rough and I really don’t like the idea of not doing any 90%+ work for weeks at a time. I also miss PRing more often. I just finished reading “Squat Every Day” by Matt Perryman (highly recommended). He makes a really good case for trying a bulgarian-style approach. I also finished “The Reactive Training Systems Manual” by Mike Tuchscherer. I’m a big fan of Mike’s approach to autoregulation.

In the past I made a lot of progress on the Texas Method. The problem I had was that there was no autoregulation going on and I didn’t know how hard to hit it on volume day and would often miss on Intensity day because I didn’t manage recovery properly. I’m thinking of trying an experiment by combining Texas Method with RTS fundamentals to make it more autoregulated. I’m still new to RTS but I think I can apply RPE and fatigue drops to better manage the volume and intensity. The only thing I worry about is my bench which floundered on the TM after a time. This was probably due to a lack of volume which I will keep in mind this time around.

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