Texas Method + RTS: An Experiment

What’s next?

Since I’ve hit the end of my little Sheiko stint I’ve started to wonder what’s next. I haven’t done a ton of programs but I do know that the Texas Method worked real well for me in the past. The biggest problem I encountered with it was there wasn’t any autoregulation going on. Mondays were “beat down your body” and Fridays were “PR at all costs”. Autoregulation requires you to “listen to your body”. Problem is I’m still a relative newb and it’s hard to do that.

Enter the Reactive Training Systems

I’ve been following Mike Tuchscherer over at Reactive Training Systems for a while now and have come to respect him and his approach to training. He uses RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) as a way to subjectively decide a lifts relative difficulty. Using this scale from 1-10 you can adapt the weight on the bar to your current level of fatigue and ability. Mike describes RTS as the scope which can fit on most rifles (programs). This got me thinking: if I can adapt RTS to the Texas Method maybe I can better autoregulate my volume.

The Template

Volume Recovery Intensity
5s or triples @ 8-9 5s @ 7-8 (Front Squats: triples @ 8-9) 5s, triples, doubles, singles, 5, 3, 2, 1 @ 9-10

Volume day is the most important in terms of autoregulation. What this means is that I will work up to a weight with 5s or triples such that at the end of the set it feels like I have 2 to 3 more reps left (RPE of 8). Once I hit this weight I will continue to do 5s or triples until at the end of the set I feel like I have only 1 rep left in the tank (RPE of 9). This should autoregulate the volume and keep it in check such that I don’t over do it on Volume Days.

Intensity day will be largely the same. I will try to push the weight up each week. What will change, however, is how many reps I do based on the RPE. If I hit three reps @ 9 I’ll do another. Or if I only hit 2 @ 10 I’ll stop.

This is the basic template of my experiment. This is all subject to change based on my findings. Stay tuned for updates!

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One thought on “Texas Method + RTS: An Experiment

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