Training – 09/04/2013 – Accessory

135×3 (Paused, breathing)
225×3 (Paused, breathing)
315×3@9 (Paused)
315×3@9 (9.5)

I’m going to China in about two weeks for work. Not as cool as you might think since it’s going to be mostly work but hopefully I’ll get to do some cool stuff. Could be there for up to a month. My current training plan will naturally be put on hold for the duration of this trip. Probably do lots of dumbbell work. Hopefully this hotel will have something heavier than 45 lbs. If I’m super lucky there’ll be a bench.

I decided that for the next two weeks I’m not going to continue as planned since I probably won’t make that much progress anyway. What I’m going to do is do a short training session everyday and experiment with different lifts I’ve never tried (pause squats, hip thrusts, etc). The idea is just to have fun with training, get some ideas, and also have more time at night to spend with my lovely girlfriend.

Tonight I chose pause squats. Holy core batman. My entire core was on fire after these. These actually gave me an idea about how to modify my template. Instead of just doing regular squats for my volume day I might try rotating through a variety. Pause squats (breathing and normal), beltless, pin squats. Things like that. I like the idea of using a lift variation to work on my weaknesses. My core is definitely my number one weakness right now.

I was also thinking I might stagger intensity and volume days so that one day I’ll do volume squats and intensity bench and then at the opposite end of the week do intensity squat and volume bench. I’ll definitely do the intensity part first. I think this might leave me fresher for the intensity lifts. I could always do a split again but I like the idea of doing multiple powerlifts in one session like you would at a meet.

Anyway these are just ideas I’m tossing around.


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