Deadlifts, Benchin’ and what I did in China

On Sunday I did some Deadlifts. Trying to work on my low-back position. This is something I’ve struggled with for a while. I think I’m starting to get it. The chest up cue has never worked that well for me. I need to literally think about keeping my hips high and touching my shoulders to my ass.

This video is with 405:

Still some loss of position (could be due to hamstring flexibility) but at least I knew when my back was set. Going to do some pause deadlifts an inch off the floor to really reinforce this position. Starting to think in terms of working on my weaknesses. Going to be doing lots of pause and pin work in the weeks ahead.

Also, might not have been a great idea to go so heavy so soon after coming back. The low back DOMs slapped me in the face.

Training – 10/07/2013 – Volume Bench
Bench Press
165×3@8 (3ct Pause)
185×3@8 (Drop 5%)
165×3@8 (Pin Press)
185×3@9 (Drop 5%)

Gettin some work in. First time benching since I’ve been back. 3 count pause bench and some pin pressing. I’m definitely rusty with RPE. I suppose it’ll come back over time.

So I’m back from about a 2 and a half week trip to China for work. As usual I did not have access to a rack over there so I only was able to do dumbbell work. The heaviest dumbbells they had were 80lbs. This was heavy enough to do some heavy-ish hypertrophy work. I brought my straps so I was able to do some high-rep rows and shrugs. I loosely followed a bodybuilding split but a lot of the time I just did what I felt like. When I squatted I did goblet squats. These were hard at first and I was sore for a bit. I quickly adapted to these and so I started pausing every rep to make it harder.

I rarely every do hypertrophy work and so to my surprise I started to see an increase in size in some areas (particularly traps and chest). I think I have some size potential in a lot of areas. Probably means I should include more hyp work in my training.


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