Training – 10/16/2013 – RTS W1D1

Touch-n-go Bench
195×5@9 (Add wraps)
195×5@9 (5% fatigue)

5ct Pause Bench
165×5@9 (9.5)
155×5@9 (5% fatigue)

Dumbbell Fly

Not a great showing here but still recovering work capacity after layoff. First day on my new all RTS program. I figured rather than fuck around with trying to mush RTS onto the TM I’ll just build something based on what Mike teaches. The program basically has me running short three week cycles. Partly just as an experiment and partly because I feel that it’ll be a bit more flexible should a China trip pop up again. I do have a good idea where my next meet will lie but I feel like I’ll be less fucked if I don’t plan out like a 16 week cycle.

Going to need to get a bunch of smaller plates for dumbbell work. Didn’t realize this at first. Still, got a pump on and finally got some use out of my dumbbell handles.


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