Training – 10/30/2013 – RTS W3D1 – SF


485×1@10 (bit of a hitch)


First sport form/testing week on this program. Skipped out on testing Bench today because my shoulders were feeling a little creaky. Will do them on Friday and Sunday.

Squat went pretty well. Good to know I’m only off 20 pounds from my all-time PR. Deadlifts I’m real happy with. On the 465 single the bar almost slipped out of my hands at lockout. On the 485 I put it deeper in my palm and had no trouble with grip. Going to have to make sure to replicate that in the future. This was the first time I ever held 485. Yes there was a bit of hitching at lockout but I’m going to count it cuz training. Hopefully this will look better on Sunday. 500 is so close I can taste it. I know that for the next cycle I definitely need to do rack pulls to strengthen that lockout. I seem to be fine off the floor.


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