Training – Friday 25, Apr 2014

#Reverse Band Squat w/Belt
315 x 5 @6
365 x 5 @7
385 x 5 @8
395 x 5 @9
375 x 5 @9
New movement but slowly getting the hang of it. Using Rogue Green Monster bands. In theory they should give me a lot of support but I don’t think I’m getting that much.
My back is definitely beat today. I’d say this was successful. Got some higher reps at higher intensities.

#3ct Pause Bench
155 x 5 @8
165 x 5 @9
155 x 5 @9
This was a lot weaker than I thought it’d be. Might have been pausing longer than necessary.

Skipping Lever Rows because my back is already exhausted plus I’d like to spend some time with my lovely wife.
I’d say this was a pretty productive week. Relatively high volume. Next week should be even higher!


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