Bench Grip and Do Your Job

Bench Grip
Recently had an “epiphany” regarding my Bench grip. I used to try to center it over my forearms, however recently I started rotating my wrists outwards such that my thumbs are jammed as hard as possible into the bar. This, for some reason, seems to give me more pushing power and seems to activate my lats a lot better. Probably something that everyone does but seems to work really well for me so far.

Do Your Job
I once heard that Mike Zourdos will yell at his lifters “Do your job!” before a heavy set or at a meet. When I first heard this I thought it kind of diminishes the significance of lifting and the work that goes into such a feat. Now I realize this is quite brilliant. If you’re waiting on stage to play the violin in front of an audience I’m sure your teacher doesn’t scream in your face, slap your traps, and push nose tork on you. You’ve spent a lot of time training for this moment. You trust that training and you go out there and do your job.

I used to get afraid of “heavy” weight (usually anything >= 400 on the squat). I’d amp myself up and become an emotional wreck (inwardly) while unracking the bar. Recently I’ve been using “Do your job” as a mantra and the sets are just like any other, just a bit heavier.


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