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RTS Classroom is one of the best ways to invest in your knowledge of the sport

Today I wanted to mention one of the best resources available for students of the sport of Powerlifting. I’ve read a lot of literature on Powerlifting and strength training (except for Supertraining, no one reads Supertraining). I’ve certainly learned a lot from reading but if I’m to be honest I’d have to say that I’m generally better at learning via auditory means. I find training literature to generally be extremely dull and it takes a lot of concentration to finish it.

When I heard that Mike Tuchscherer was starting a series of online lectures about powerlifting I immediately jumped on board. I’d read his book and bought several DVDs from the site and I learned so much just from those alone. I’ve been subscribed since the beginning and I can honestly say I’ve learned more about the sport in the past year via RTS Classroom than from all of the strength literature I’ve read. Mike has an amazing ability to organize, condense, and summarize important training concepts.

One of the best aspects of RTS Classroom is that Mike is constantly growing the amount of content and also the topics it covers. In the past few months he’s had Mike Zourdos (of DUP fame) come on board and give lectures he’s originally prepared for his university students. Ben Esgro has also been giving lectures on Nutrition including IIFYM and reverse dieting.

Here are some examples of the topics that have been covered in RTS Classroom:

  • Autoregulation Fundamentals
  • Block Periodization
  • Exercise Selection
  • Concurrent Training
  • Skeletal Muscle Physiology
  • Nutrition Fundamentals and Fallacies

One of the points I made in my recent article published by RTS is that you can’t go wrong by learning more about your sport. In my opinion, RTS Classroom is one of the best resources available today for those looking to increase their knowledge and become a student of the sport. I highly recommend it and encourage you to sign up.

I wanted to note that (other than being a moderator on the RTS Forums) I am not affiliated with Reactive Training Systems. I am advocating for RTS Classroom solely because I think it is a fantastic resource for anyone who considers themselves a student of the sport.


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